Trucks in ULC

Полу-грузовик на Путепровод

Грузоперевозки Украина, длинномер, перевозки Киев

Парк грузового автомобиля

Аренда грузовика ., 20т 86м3

Белый грузовик

Тягач грузовика

Красный грузовик

Красный тягач грузовика

Тентованная фура
Тентованная фура 24 грн \км

Преимущества данного вида транспорта: грузоподъемность до 20 тонн, объем для загрузки около 98 кубических метров. Существует возможность загружать в фуру крупногабаритные предметы. Поскольку тент всегда можно снять, упрощается процесс загрузки и разгрузки с помощью специализированной подъемной техники. Фуры имеют отличную проходимость, поэтому при перевозке тяжеловесных грузов на фуре не стоит беспокоиться о качестве дорог, ведущих в пункт назначения.

Внутри полуприцепа

Образец размещения груза внутри полуприцепа

International message

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International Shipping Rates


Vehicle type - long meter 20t 90m3


  • Ukraine - Germany 0.9 Eur / Km

  • Ukraine - Poland 0.9 Eur / Km

  • Ukraine - France 0.9 Eur / Km

  • Ukraine - Italy 0.9 Eur / Km

  • Ukraine - Greece 0.9 Eur / Km

  • Ukraine - Czech Republic 1.1 Eur / Km



  • Germany - Ukraine 1.2 Eur / Km

  • Poland - Ukraine 1.3 Eur / Km

  • France - Ukraine 1.3 Eur / Km  

  • Italy - Ukraine 1.2 Eur / Km

  • Greece - Ukraine 1.3 Eur / Km  

  • Czech Republic - Ukraine 1.2 Eur / Km


* The cost may be adjusted depending on the transport - economic situation

* Extra-loads are calculated by the formula More-Less (volume-weight) * Standard rate + 20%


Characteristics of semitrailers

  • Length: 13.6 m

  • Width: 2.45 m

  • Height: 2.7 m

  • Payload: 21 t

  • Body volume: 90 m³

  • Transportation routes: / Kiev / Europe / Asia


Curtainsider belongs to the category of awning. A distinctive feature is the opening mechanism - the awning simply shifts to the side, folding like an accordion. This allows you to load and unload goods from any direction. The roof of the curtain semi-trailer opens according to the same principle, therefore unloading is possible using lifting equipment. Moreover, the upper part opens independently of the side ones.


Isothermal semitrailers are able to maintain a certain temperature inside due to heat-insulating walls and high tightness - for example, a thermos works on the same principle. Special equipment is not required for this, therefore isothermal semitrailers are relatively light in weight. But the set temperature is maintained for a limited period of time, most often, it is several days.


Refrigerators are called semitrailers , inside which an additional refrigeration system with fans is installed to evenly distribute cold air. The temperature range inside the container depends on the type of semi-trailer, there are three of them - A (0 ° C - + 12 ° C), B (-10 ° C - + 12 ° C) and C (-20 ° C - + 12 ° C) [6]. The floor and doors with a reliable locking system are subject to additional sealing.




Work with the

“Union of Transport Companies”

this is:

  1. From 3000 UAH for a car 21t.86m3 for a flight in Kiev, including VAT.

  2. from 25 UAH / km for long-distance communication with one-way payment.

  3. from 0.8 euros for international traffic.

  4. Calculation of additional loads.

  5. Service "Express Delivery"

  6. Quick cost calculation upon request.

  7. Guaranteed delivery of a specific car upon confirmation of the application.