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  • Direct airline fares;

  • From the door to the airport - we provide a high level of service and control of your cargo from the moment of collection of cargo until arrival at the destination airport;

  • Express Trucking for expedited cargo delivery. We use fast response time of the vehicle and direct service in all points of Ukraine;


  • Faster ground solutions at your fingertips. If you need a specialized truck, van, refrigerator or a team of professionals, STK (ua-ulc.com) offers proven solutions for your transportation, for urgent deliveries that are “less than a truck”, our expedited LTL or FTL services guarantee that your goods will be sent to the final destination.



  • Customs clearance;

  • Special service on behalf of;

Our dedicated team consists of professionals who understand every aspect of cargo delivery by air, and we are ready to learn about the unique needs of your business.

We want more than just air shipments.

We want to bring a feeling of joy, gain confidence in us and a strong business partnership that will last a long time.

We know everything about aviation, or almost everything! We are exploring new trends and discoveries. We strive to be the best. We live here.

Any place in the world!

  1. For air travel, there are virtually no inaccessible corners of the planet. The only condition for the possibility of air transportation is the presence in the regions of the sender and receiver of the international airport. But even if the airport is not in the immediate vicinity of the sender / receiver, air transportation is used in combination with other modes of transport to deliver goods between points of departure / destination and the airport;

  2. Air cargo transportation provides maximum cargo safety in comparison with all other modes of transport. The fact is that the level of security measures and the quality of warehouse equipment at all international airports in the world are much higher compared to railways, seaports and car terminals.

  3. Air transport provides the highest speed of cargo delivery compared to other modes of transport. This is especially true in the case of the delivery of perishable goods, medicines, goods of high value, spare parts for the repair of failed equipment, etc. In the case of air cargo, the distance between the point of departure and destination does not play a big role, because air transportation between any airports, as a rule, is carried out in no more than a day.

  4. Most often , the total delivery time of cargo by air is more dependent on the time it took to prepare the goods for dispatch at the airport of departure and the time it took to process the cargo and how long it would take for a connecting flight at the transit airport than on the time the cargo was directly on the plane;


Today, we offer both international and local delivery of goods to any location. Transportation routes can be very diverse: air cargo from Ukraine, air transportation from Europe and Asia, and much, much more. Using our services, we guarantee prompt delivery of goods






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