Modernization of the Mi-8 into an MSB type by the official co-designer of this helicopter modification.

Overhaul - Mi-8

Fully certified production and personnel.

Mi-8MSB - Ukrainian development of a modification of the Soviet Mi-8 helicopter

During the modernization of the Mi-8 to the level of the Mi-8MSB, remotorization is performed (during which the TV2-117 engines are replaced with new, more powerful turboshaft engines TV3-117VMA-SBM1V 4E series produced by Motor Sich with electronic start), also partially changed and the fuselage was reconstructed (in the design of which, due to the greater power of the engines, the supporting elements were reinforced), a new engine starting system was installed. Engine reducer with a capacity of 2.5 thousand liters. from. saved unchanged.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

The purpose of the Mi-8MSB helicopter is to improve the flight performance of Mi helicopters when operating in hot climates, at high-altitude take-off sites and at high altitudes.
Advantages of the Mi-8MSB helicopter:
- maintaining takeoff power up to a temperature of + 55 ° С and up to an altitude of 4600 m;
- easy start-up in high-mountainous and hot climate;
- it is possible to be based at heights up to 5000 m;
- up to 20% fuel economy compared to Mi-8T helicopters;
- engine resource has been significantly increased:
- ease of maintenance, high maintainability and reliability;
- stable work in conditions of increased dust and smoke;
- low life cycle cost;
- high level of flight safety due to the possibility of "60 minutes of continuous operation of one engine";
- preparation for the flight takes 5 minutes.

We can accept your board for a full-scale modernization or offer our own fuselages. At the exit, you will receive a completely new helicopter with a full resource reserve by hours and years.